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At Prospect Dental, our dentists have experience in:

Restorative Dentistry – root canal treatment, fillings, implants, bridges, extractions, dentures and crowns

Cosmetic Dentistry – whitening (including Zoom! whitening) and veneers

CAD/CAM Dentistry - dentistry using computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing to create dental restorations

Hygiene and general – cleaning of gums and teeth and information regarding, use of fluoride, regular check-ups

OPG xray - a panoramic xray of teeth, gums and bones

We also now offer better understanding of dental surgeries, problems and solutions using the programme XPLAIN. With brochures and video, we can help you better understand and make more informed decisions regarding your treatment.

Our facilities:

  • Up to date dental technology
  • QIP accredited sterilization techniques
  • Modern equipment
  • Digital intra oral radiology
  • Use of XPLAIN 2015

Our services:

  • General dental care
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Dentures
  • Mouthguards and night guards - adults and children
  • General mouth hygiene and preventative care
  • Tooth extraction - including wisdom teeth
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Emergency appointments

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