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Going Green

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Prospect Dental is becoming an environmentally conscious workplace. This means we are in the process of reducing non-essential plastics, re-using in a hygienic and sterile way and recycling what we can. 

Recycling Program:

Prospect Dental has designated recycling/waste stations separate from each other to avoid unnecessary landfill.

We are also a part of the TerraCycle oral care recycling program and the electric toothbrush recycling program. This enables us to take your old toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, floss containers, etc, and send them in to TerraCycle. Once we have a certain amount, we send them away and they are then separated, shredded and melted into plastic pellets, flakes or powder and then made into other products like outdoor furniture, playground surface, watering cans etc.

Not only do we recycle in this way, TerraCycle also gives us points which can be redeemed for a payment that goes to our chosen non-profit organisation.


Conserving Energy:

We have installed a solar system to help save the environment by switching to clean, renewable energy.

We turn off all lights and electronic equipment out of hours or in rooms that are not in use, with only a few sensor lights on at night time.


Reduce Paper Use:

Paper has been swapped out where possible for more eco-conservative options like texts for appointment reminders or emails for your 6 monthly recalls. We have also stopped using old paper patient records and instead use more efficient and secure digital files.


Digital Radiography (X-rays/OPGs):

All of our X-rays are taken digitally which drastically reduces the amount of radiation exposure given. It also means there is no need for film or the toxic chemicals that traditional X-rays use and have to be disposed of.



Dental practices use a lot of single use plastic consumables. This is unfortunate but a necessary precaution to ensure the safety of our patients. We have found alternatives for some of these single use plastic consumables like biodegradable and recyclable materials.